The Company

Our Services

Hegewald Medizinprodukte GmbH offers a wide range of services to its customers.
For the development, manufacture, finishing and packaging of our products we apply
different technologies which are specifically matched to the respective requirements.

In co-operation with our customers, we access our existing network of suppliers and
partners in order to design a commercially viable product. We also provide material
research and testing, risk assessment, patent research
or product assessment
according to legal guidelines
for special applications. Additionally Hegewald can
produce product and tool plans, design and realise layouts for end products and
or provide technical product documentation.

Many years experience in high frequency (HF) - welding makes this our primary option
during manufacture. We can also provide thermal contact welding (heat sealing), thermal
impulse welding
(impulse sealing), or ultrasonic welding (ultrasonic welding) in
conjunction with the appropriate materials.

Hegewald utilise several different technologies to label our products with customer-specific
data. We can apply different degrees of automation up to fully automated solutions for larger
orders, especially important during the hot embossing process.

To finish our products we use different adhesive technologies specifically matched to the
respective materials.

Our clean room capacities, up to clean room class A, allow us to fill our products with fluids
for specific applications (e.g. coagulant, nutrient- and rinsing solutions) under aseptic conditions.

If required, we can supply sterile products with respective labelling and indication of
sterility. In close co-operation with qualified partners and in conformance with the actual
suitability of the respective materials we can offer ethylene oxide (EO) sterile, gamma-or
or also steam-sterilised products.