The Company


Hegewald was founded under the sole proprietorship of Jürgen and Almut Hegewald.
Jürgen Hegewald's many years of experience as Manager of Research and
Development at Medical Produkte Lichtenberg (MPL), the largest medical products
manufacturer in the former GDR provided the basis for the future success of the company
Redevelopment of commercial property held in the family estate. Installation of a basic
clean room and acquisition of used machinery and production facilities for the
manufacture of medical bags.
Production of special bags for human and veterinary medicine. Solid, successful
development of the small manufacturing company during the 1990s.
Hegewald Medizinprodukte GmbH founded. Robert Hegewald assumed management
of the company. A new factory is built next to the alredy existing one.
Continuous development of the new company site. The main focus is the development
and manufacture of new products and maintenance of excellent product quality.
Sustained investment in modern machinery and production facilities.
The successful development of the company requires further investments.
Main focus is extending production and storage capacities which more than doubled.
Investment in modern production equipment.
Continous improvment of quality standards. Indroduction of 3D-constroction tools.
Upgrade of companies tool shop by CNC-machines.
Today the company has a skilled workforce of more than 90 employees and is best
qualified to develop and manufacture bag products for the medical, pharmaceutical
and biotechnological sectors. Our young team, clean room production facilities of
Class 5 to 8 (DIN EN ISO 14644-1) with more than 500 m ², a modern
test laboratory and an owen toolshop ensure we can face future challenges
and find solutions. We can provide excellent logistics and guaranteed delivery with
our modern warehouse with more than 1000 lots.