Hegewald bags for cryopreservation of cell preparations, blood products or also umbilical cord blood at temperatures down to -196°C have been developed in close partnership to our customers. Their design and equipment has been adapted to the very special demands of cryopreservation processes.

Hegewald cryobags have been established on the market ten years ago, and since then have been successfully applied in constant quality by our customers. More than 100,000 cryobags have been produced since then with no customer complaints until today reflecting the bags high grade quality.

The production of the cryobags is realized under controlled conditions. Every single bag is inspected for its quality. Indication of batch numbers on every product and also traceability of each of the materials used for manufacturing are understood as standard practice. Sterilization of single packed final products is conducted under validated conditions at sterilization sites of certified partners.

Given our longtime experiences in processing various types of material and also in applying several manufacturing technologies we always aim to respond to the individual product demands of our customers.